We provide rigorous and high-quality investigations using a wide range of research methodologies. To guide our findings we combine conflict analysis tools with a human rights framework. This unique approach allows us to identify practical and lasting solutions.



We use creative and multidimensional advocacy strategies to affect policy change and present practical solutions to people who matter. To that end, we engage with a broad range of actors from local authorities, to security forces, the media, international organisations, donors and diplomats.



We are committed to creating sustainable change in situations of protracted violence and conflict. This is why we offer training and capacity building in research, conflict analysis, and advocacy in the communities where we operate to build the next generation of researchers and advocates.


The Conflict Analysis Network (CAN) is a recently established research and advocacy organisation dedicated to preventing and ending human rights abuses in situations of protracted conflict and violence.


By combining rigorous human rights documentation with conflict analysis, CAN provides unique insight not only into human rights abuses when they occur, but also their wider context. Thanks to this holistic approach CAN offers concrete and practical solutions for change and presents them to people that matter.


CAN’s team consists of experienced conflict and human rights researchers and international advocates. CAN’s added value also lies within its network of experts in various fields, who help guide and contribute the organisation’s work. This loose network allows CAN to provide clients with high-level expertise across a range of thematic and regional issues.  



CAN’s core staff consists of Horia Mosadiq (Executive Director), Olof Blomqvist (Deputy Director - Research) and Elise Tillet-Dagousset (Deputy Director - Advocacy). Between us, we combine several decades worth of experience in human rights research and advocacy.


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