The Conflict Analysis Network (CAN) is a recently established research and advocacy organisation dedicated to preventing and ending human rights abuses in situations of protracted conflict and violence.


By combining rigorous human rights documentation with conflict analysis, CAN provides unique insight not only into human rights abuses when they occur, but also their wider context.

Why choose us? 


Thanks to our holistic approach of combining conflict analysis with human rights documentation we can offer concrete and practical solutions for change and present them to the people that matter. 


CAN's team consists of experienced conflict and human rights researchers and international advocates. CAN's added value also lies within its network of experts in various fields, who help guide and contribute the organisation's work. This loose network allows CAN to provide clients with high-level expertise across a range of thematic and regional issues.  

Meet the CAN team 

Horia Mosadiq
Executive Director

Horia Mosadiq is an award-winning Afghan human rights defender with more than 20 years' experience in human rights and journalism. She has worked as Amnesty International's Afghanistan Researcher, Director of Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium, Media Commissioner for Afghanistan Elections Commission, Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, as well as a journalist in Kabul and Islamabad. She has authored multiple research reports and scores of articles on human rights in Afghanistan, with a focus on women's rights, and has frequently been featured on high-profile media outlets including BBC World, CNN and Al Jazeera. She is fluent in Dari, English and Pashto. 

Olof Blomqvist
Deputy Director - Research

Olof Blomqvist is a human rights researcher with a specialist focus on the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked as the Research and Advocacy Director for ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights and as an Amnesty International Researcher on Bangladesh and Afghanistan, as well as with Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Crisis Group. He has authored research reports on topics ranging from the Rohingya crisis, to internal displacement in Afghanistan and freedom of expression in Bangladesh. He is fluent in English, Spanish and his native Swedish.  

Elise Tillet-Dagousset
Deputy Director - Advocacy

Elise Tillet-Dagousset is a human rights researcher and legal advisor with 10 years of professional experience. She has lived and worked in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and France. While working for Amnesty International she conducted investigations into human rights abuses in Myanmar including crimes against humanity and the crime of apartheid against the Rohingya minority, corporate abuses, war crimes, and arbitrary detention. She also has extensive experience in providing protection to at-risk human rights defenders. She started her career at the International Department of the Paris Bar Association. She speaks English and French.